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Award Winning


Mobile Phone


Interactive museum experience


Award winning apps whitelisted for most OS and available in most app stores for institutions' computers and PLDs.

  • Design & Technology SuperLab with more than 90% mapping to the Singapore Design & Technology curriculum, comes with thousands of original video, animations and illustrations.

  • Science SuperLab with its rare and unique 4GL open-tool, helps to develop Science inquiry skills and concept applications through the highly flexible manipulation of experiment variables in the safe and realistic environment.

Award winning technology enabled solutions for

  • All-In-One voice amplification + recording + multiplex TX/RX

  • Hybrid (physical + livestream) participation

  • Small audience group ultra-portable audio enhancement system (amplified / quiet).

  • Medium audience group audio enhancement system that can be easily split or combined.

  • Large audience group portable audio enhancement system that is light weight and powerful.

  • Multi plane interactivity for large interactive area

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