Vertical Miles is the synonym for portable technologies in Singapore since 2002. Founded by passionate professionals from the technology and education industries, Vertical Miles has since grown into a brand name with many local and international awards under its name. Vertical Miles’ solutions are also the choice of many education institutions, government agencies and corporate organisations in countries like Algeria, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, etc.


To fulfill our vision to connect the world with technology, Vertical Miles strives to achieve the mission to make technology portable physically and culturally. Our team designs technologies that can be easily carried and moved as they are much lighter and smaller than what is currently available. Our team also develops digital learning contents that are easily translated and localised, as the streamlined structures make multi-media and multi-cultural contents highly feasible effortlessly.


Vertical Miles is actively seeking partners to repeat our success around the world.

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Awarded Singapore government sector tender

Science SuperLab
Awarded Singapore MOE Student Learning Space (SLS) tender

Vertical-ENHANCER Pro+
Selected by more than 100 schools in Singapore 

Vertical-S Class / S-Lab
Adopted by schools and tertiary institutions for future classroom solutions



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United Kingdom:

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Email: contactus@verticalmiles.com